(The 60s Garage Punk Sensation from Berlin)

You‘re into the intellectual and sophisticated side of rock music? So you can stop reading here.

...But if you are turned on by music that makes you high, you should certainly get to know The Magnificent Brotherhood! The Magnificent Brotherhood, without any doubt, are Berlin‘s Psych- & Garage-Rockers number one, playing a highly addictive and unique sound, that hits your dancing legs immediate. Fuzz guitar and combo organ are driving their wild music and their very own songwriting style as well as a huge amount of freak out make this band a musical upper, far beyond the usual Nuggets ripoff garage punk standard thing.

This band is different. This band sure is dope!
...but listen for yourself...
...but who are those Idiots anyway?

These brothers have been moving the crowds for some time now leading them to play some of the biggest festivals in their homeland, turning every concert into wild dance orgies. This helped them to attract a very wide range of young people far beyond the ordinary rock music fan. The Magnificent Brotherhood stands for what‘s happening in Berlin NOW! Get to know them before the rest, and show off to your friends.


(The Mod Power Pop Band from Moskow!)

The Riots are three uncontrollable youngsters with an excessive lifestyle, who were born in the industrial city Perm, Russia. After finishing school they moved to London for a couple of years to inhale the spirit of British Mod culture, fashion and music.

Having found what they wanted, they are now back home in Moscow and have come up with two double A side 7inches. Both prepaired with 3 songs each. Supported by Fred Perry, the hipsters are ready to hit the world with their fresh but also true, authentic sounds.

Or, as Stephen Hughes said:

"These modern boys are the spirit of a 17 year old Paul Weller unleashed on the streets of Moscow" (The Mod Generation).